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How Mortgage Currentcy Content Positions You as the Mortgage Guru!

[New Chart – MC Guide to Social Media] Interpretive CommentsWhat Has Changed? We are living in a time when two super generations have collided into potential clients. Those are the Baby Boomers and the Millennials. Market opportunity demands that you have marketing strategies in place to accommodate them both! The Boomers Boomers (and I am […]

CFPB- It’s Just Compliance Training-Who Cares?

Rule Synopsis: “It’s Just Compliance Training, who cares? We just have to show our examiners that we checked off a box and that people were trained to satisfy regulatory requirements.” Without retaining the source, I write down interesting statements like the one above, when I am shocked or perplexed by the view. Sadly, I hear […]

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Joint Announcement for URLA Implementation Guidance and Updates – Dated September 26, 2017

-Effective Date-Voluntary Use-No Earlier than July 1, 2019 and Mandatory Use February 2020. Rule Synopsis: 1003 / URLA / Form 1065 – AKA: The Loan Application. The agencies issue a joint announcement for implementation timeline update, to address the newest release of the Demographic Information Addendum and to promote the form itself. Interpretive CommentsRemember that […]

Fannie Mae Addresses Fraud Scheme for Reverse Occupancy-Dated August 2017

Rule Synopsis: Fannie Mae issues guidance on Reverse Occupancy Fraud. Don’t know what that is? Contact me to discuss ways to protect your business. Interpretive CommentsSomething each of has an obligation and responsibility to report whenever encountered, or even suspected, is fraud. Originators are on the front line and can spot this behavior more easily […]

How Will the New HMDA Data Make You Look?

Rule Synopsis: Data, Big Data, Collection of Data…it seems like in today’s world millions of servers are collecting data and using predictive analysis to learn everything they can about our behaviors, buying habits – and yes, even our business practices. The use of AI – Artificial Intelligence – is accelerating at a rapid rate and […]

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