Have You Heard?  Home financing lenders are stepping up to help homebuyers find a home by offering renovation loans that allow you to fix up the property before you move in!  It’s a great way to find a home that needs a little work, and then access long-term financing to fix it up before you move in.  If you want details on this program, comment below and I’ll send you the details!  [Originators, when people comment on your post, use the New Mortgage Talking Point on CHOICEReno eXPress® and the existing Mortgage Talking Point on CHOICERenovation®.  Both can be found under the Mortgage Talking Points Link in the category of “Freddie Mac”].

Related Article Title: Freddie Mac Bulletin 2021-27 New CHOICEReno eXPress® and Delayed Financing Changes Written by: Sue Villanova, Staff Writer Freddie Mac published Bulletin 2021-27 introducing the more flexible CHOICEReno eXPress® product.  This article will cover the main differences between the CHOICERenovation® product and the eXPress product, a change in the CHOICERenovation® program regarding short-term […]

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