Have you heard this before? “I’d like to buy a home but don’t have the money for the down payment or closing costs!” There are a lot of lesser-known alternative sources of funds that are acceptable to FHA! I’m sure you can close a couple more deals – simply by knowing what FHA will accept and the “right” questions to ask your clients! [Gift Funds|Loans from Family Member|Secured Loans|Trade Equity|Sale of Personal Property|Sweat Equity|Commission from Sale|Rent Credit]

Download Mortgage Talking Points™ flyer, Shake the Money Tree – Little-Known Sources of Gift Funds. Answer: [tweet-start]Prepare the Parents! Get a bank statement from them to verify gift funds they give you for a FHA loan.[tweet-end] FHA specifically requires bank statements in the 4000.1 gift funds guidelines and many donors don’t want to provide them. […]

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