Q&A - November 25, 2016

IRRRL vs. Cash Out-Reference Chart: Do you have a reference sheet for when a VA loan is IRRRL vs. Cash-Out Refinance?

Answer: This is a side-by-side comparison chart that VA has in their handbook. It compares the regular VA Cash-Out Refinance (VA calls any type of refinance ‘cash-out’ except IRRRLs) to IRRRLs. See below. Reference: VA Manual Copyright – 2016 – MortgageCurrentcy.com A subscription is required to access this content—please view our available subscription options. If [...]

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Calculation Remaining Entitlement: Can a veteran have more than one VA loan?

Answer: Yes. VA allows a veteran to have more than one VA loan. They may use remaining entitlement for the purchase of another home. We are attaching a VA publication that is very helpful in understanding how this works. Veterans can own more than one home financed with a VA loan! Reference: VA Guaranty Calculation Examples [...]

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