Rules - March 10, 2016

FHA and VA -Is Trending Credit Coming to a Government Loan Near You?

Interpretive CommentsOur conventional guideline expert Lloyd Rutherford provides a complete article on “Trending Credit” and all of the other upcoming changes to Fannie Mae’s Version 10.0 of Desktop Underwriter (DU). Lloyd’s article can be found in the link below. Please be sure to review that article for the full story on all the changes to [...]

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Freddie Mac – Super Conforming & 1-Unit Investment Properties – Bulletin 2016-03

[Updated Chart June 2018 – Fannie Vs. Freddie Super Conforming and High Balance Reference Chart] Rule Synopsis: Freddie Mac Joins Fannie in raising LTV on Super-Conforming loans to 95%. Freddie Mac issued bulletin 2016-03 to cover two very important changes for entities that originate and deliver loans for Freddie Mac. The selling guide topics that [...]

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Fannie Eligibility LTV, CTLV & HCLTV Ratio Matrix Updated – February 23, 2016

Rule Synopsis: In March of 2008, Fannie Mae introduced a separate document that summarizes all of the LTV/FICO/Reserve requirements for their loan products called the Eligibility Matrix. It has been updated 20 times, which is roughly 2.5 times per year! This update was made to accommodate changes made for the elimination of the “Continuity of [...]

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Fannie Mae Rental Income Worksheets. Continuity of Obligation. Misc. Updates. SEL-2016-02

[Download 2 Updated Charts – Fannie Mae Provides Four New Fillable Rental Income Forms AND Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Refinances Seasoning, Continuity of Obligation, Listing] Rule Synopsis: Fannie Mae is updating their selling guide on various topics. These include the following updates (not all inclusive, as some apply to servicing or miscellaneous issues that [...]

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