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This Guide Bulletin announces:

• Credit underwriting and Mortgage eligibility

➢ Updated requirements related to refinance transactions, including a 30-day seasoning requirement for “no cash-out” refinance Mortgages and flexibility for cash-out refinance Mortgages when none of the Borrowers have been on the title for at least six months

➢ Extensions for certain key dates regarding age of tax return requirements

➢ Updated requirements permitting the use of future long-term disability income to qualify the Borrower

➢ Revised requirements related to prorated real estate tax credits

• Power of attorney

➢ Additional flexibility and clarity for power of attorney requirements – June 30, 2021

• Quality control (QC)

➢ Additional specificity to note that the title commitment must be provided on loans selected for QC – August 5, 2021

➢ A simpler submission process for compliance QC findings

Document type:

  • Agency Bulletin/Form


Freddie Mac


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