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NEW VA Appraisal Fee and Timeliness Schedule for St Petersburg RLC -Effective August 1-2019

Written by: Tracey Rumsey, Staff Writer VA has updated another appraisal fee schedule. Read this article to see if your area was affected by the change. Interpretive Comments: VA has eight Regional Loan Centers (RLCs): Atlanta Cleveland Phoenix Roanoke St Paul Denver Houston Petersburg All of the RLCs have Appraisal Fee and Timeliness Schedules that [...]

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If the appraisal fee was disclosed to the VA borrower before the appraisal was ordered and the borrower did not close, can we bill the borrower for the appraisal?

Answer: Yes. You can bill the veteran for the appraisal fee. Note that if another veteran borrower ends up using that same appraisal with your company, they cannot be billed for it if the previous prospective buyer already paid for it. See the guidelines below. Reference: VA Lenders Handbook – Chapter 8 Appraisal and Compliance [...]

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New VA Appraisal Fee and Timeliness Schedules, April 1, 2019

Written By: Tracey Rumsey, Staff Writer VA just updated their guidelines regarding timeliness of appraisals.  This update addresses the new appraisal fee schedules along with timeliness.  Check your LOS system to avoid LE/CD issues! Rule Synopsis: VA has eight Regional Loan Centers (RLCs), five of which have announced new appraisal fee and timeliness schedules effective [...]

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