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Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac – Condominium Questionnaires: Do the condominium questionnaires differ between Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac? Forms.

Answer: The agencies understood the challenges that different questionnaires would create since the guidelines are relatively the same across the board, with some small differences.  So, as you can see below, the agencies use the same questionnaire since they are now standardized.  You can find these Short and Long Form questionnaires on the Mortgage Currentcy [...]

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Freddie Mac Multiple Selling Guide Updates – Bulletin 2018-5 – Dated March 28, 2018 – Effective Immediately and June 28, 2018

By: Lloyd Rutherford, Staff Writer Freddie Mac is increasing their LTV’s, TLTV’s and HTLTV’s for Condominiums, Second Homes and 2-Unit Primary Residences.  Plus, many other Condo changes. Be sure to read through this article thoroughly to ensure you are up to date! Rule Synopsis: Freddie Mac is updating their selling guide for a variety of [...]

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