Deferred Student Loans

USDA – Credit Lines – Deferred Student Loans: Will USDA allow deferred student loan debts to be counted as a tradeline? NEW MTP™ – USDA – What Counts as a Non-Traditional Tradeline?

Answer: Unfortunately, deferred student loans without 12 months of repayment history are not eligible tradelines to validate credit. Here is what the regulations state… Confirm the applicant has at least two eligible tradelines reported to the credit bureau.  The tradeline may be open, closed and/or paid in full by the applicant. Eligible tradelines include: Loan [...]

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Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac – Student Loan Debt – What are the guidelines for DEFERRED but COSIGNED student loan debt for both Fannie and Freddie? [MC-STUDENT LOAN CHART]

Answer: Fannie and Freddie aren’t so kind as to address both deferred AND cosigned student debt.  They have a section if someone else is paying for the debt (whether they are obligated on the loan or not) and then they have a section on student debt requirements, including deferment.  Fannie and Freddie do not care if [...]

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