Attention Home Dreamers! Did You Know that a seller can contribute part of your closing costs to buy a home? Contact me for details and let’s turn that dream into a home!

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Fannie Mae – Current Principal Residence Pending Sale: Can you close on a new property before your present property closes?

Answer: Yes, provided you meet the following criteria. This guideline/policy applies to any/all loan types Fannie Mae offers. Remember that you need an executed purchase contract and all financing contingencies removed/cleared. Reference: B3-6-06, Qualifying Impact of Other Real Estate Owned (06/30/2015) Current Principal Residence Pending Sale If the borrower’s current principal residence is pending sale, but [...]

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A Realtor credit to the borrower does not affect the borrower’s loan to value unless it exceeds the cap for an interested party contribution. Contact me first to discuss the loan structure.

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