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FHA – Manual Underwriting Requirements: I received an “Accept” from TOTAL, but now my underwriter is telling me the file must be manually underwritten. Is this correct? [NEW – FHA Manual Underwriting Class – NEW FHA Manual Underwriting Chart-MTP™ What Triggers a Manual Underwriting?]

Answer: I don’t have your specific file circumstances, but it is a definite possibility.  A lot of originators do not understand that there are file scenarios that require a loan to be manually underwritten despite what the AUS says. There are 10 conditions that we review in our New FHA Manual Underwriting Class that fit [...]

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Mortgage Currentcy™ Releases 3 NEW Reference Charts – NEW Rental Income Requirements – All Agencies, NEW – Business Debt in Borrower’s Name – All Agencies, NEW FHA Manual Underwriting Guidelines PLUS Some Need-to-Know Info and Updates!

Written By: Tammy Butler, Publisher, Mortgage Currentcy™ How and Why We Add Charts and Checklists Mortgage Currentcy™ is always interested in ideas for reference materials that will make life easier for our subscribers!  These ideas generally come from two sources. If we see a topic trending in our “Ask the Experts” feature, we know that [...]

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