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Fannie Mae – Desktop Underwriter/Desktop Originator Release Notes DU Version 10.3 July 2019 Update – Dated May 21, 2019 – Effective July 20, 2019

Written by: Lloyd Rutherford, Staff Writer DU users this is an important update that will clarify some recent changes that you need to know and one that none of us expected to see! Rule Synopsis: Fannie Mae announces an update to their newest DU Version: DU Version 10.3. The changes announced in this release will [...]

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Freddie Mac- Multiple Selling Guide Updates – Bulletin 2019-11 – Dated June 5, 2019 – Effective Immediately

Written by: Lloyd Rutherford, Staff Writer This update includes some very important condo changes that could expand your business niche, so be sure to read through all of the details. Rule Synopsis: Freddie Mac is updating their selling guide for a variety of topics. This article will focus on the topics that benefit originators. The [...]

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USDA – Update for URLA – Universal Residential Loan Application- Use during Optional Implementation Timeframe

Written By: David Hail, Staff Writer Lenders are in full preparation mode for the new URLA – Universal Residential Loan Application and optional use begins this summer.  But hold your horses on using the new loan application for USDA loans until the mandatory date.  Read this update to clear up the confusion. Rule Synopsis: On [...]

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Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac – Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA) / Uniform Loan Application Dataset (ULAD) FAQs – Updated February 26, 2019

Written By: Lloyd Rutherford, Staff Writer It’s just around the corner!  Soon we’ll all be using the new loan application.  Read through this update for additional FAQs published by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Rule Synopsis: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac published an updated FAQ document for the new “Uniform Residential Loan Application” that is [...]

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