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VA – New Refinance Rules for Buyout During Divorce

Question: Do the new VA rules for Net Tangible Benefits on a cash-out for a primary residence still apply in a divorce situation, where the veteran is buying out the ex-wife? Answer: Yes. The Net Tangible Benefit rule applies even in an equity buyout situation. VA does not offer any exceptions to the new rules. [...]

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VA Circular 26-19-22 Clarification and Updates to Policy Guidance for VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans (IRRRLs) – Dated August 8, 2019 -Updated VA Refinance Comparison Chart

Written by: Tracey Rumsey, Staff Writer VA issued a major update for IRRRL. Any production staff involved in the VA loan process needs to become aware of these important changes. Rule Synopsis: This Circular supersedes Circulars 26-18-1 (and Change 1) and 26-18-13. This Circular and the VA Handbook are now the guideline authority to follow [...]

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Fannie Mae & VA – DU for Government Loans, Updates for VA Cash-Out Refinances, January 22, 2019, Effective February 15, 2019 – New Chart – VA Refinance Comparison Chart- Updated VA Cash-Out Refinance Checklist

Written By: Tracey Rumsey, Staff Writer Anyone working with Veteran clients needs to read this update.  There are important changes to the cash-out refinance program that you must be aware of. Rule Synopsis: Desktop Underwriter for Government Loans will be updated the weekend of February 16, 2019.  The updates will support the changes to VA cash-out [...]

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VA – IRRRL Net Tangible Benefit: Did the Net Tangible Benefit change this year on an IRRRL? [NEW MTP™ Who Qualifies for a VA IRRRL?]

Answer: Yes, we published this update in our June 10, 2018 rules update which is attached here for your convenience.  [View previous article: VA Refinance Loans and the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act] The VA Net Tangible Benefit rules, which were updated this year by the Protecting Veterans from Predatory Lending Act [...]

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