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VA – Policy Reminder Regarding Lender’s Payment of VA Loan Costs – VA Circular 26-18-4, February 23, 2018 – Effective Immediately

By: Tracey Rumsey, Staff Writer VA is issuing a policy reminder on lender’s payment of VA loan costs.  Apparently, there are lenders practicing their creativity.  Be sure to read through this to ensure your practices are equal to the policy as they rarely issue reminders unless there have been issues with lenders. Rule Synopsis: This [...]

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Fannie Mae Selling Guide Announcement SEL-2017-10 – Dated December 19, 2017-Effective Immediately

By: Lloyd Rutherford-Staff Writer Fannie Mae has issued some business-changing updates in this announcement.  Read through this issue to get update on Borrowers with frozen credit, rules on premium pricing, properties owned by an LLC and Texas Section 50(a)(6) loans. Rule Synopsis: Fannie Mae is updating their selling guide for a variety of topics. This [...]

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