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Facebook vs. HUD Show Down! NEW Social Media Ad Checklist!

Written By: Tammy Butler, Master CMB Social media marketing is growing, and as it does, Washington DC and the state AGs are taking note.  Facebook is in hot water with HUD over the filters companies or other licensed professionals can select when targeting their ads, because HUD believes these filters are a violation of the [...]

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Digital Wallet apps like Venmo® and Zelle® are becoming very popular as more people walk away from traditional checking accounts. If you use these apps mortgage lenders may or may not be able to use these funds. Let’s talk first to get you the right loan!

Related Article Title:  Fannie, Freddie & FHA – Digital Wallet Apps – Can we use Venmo® or Zelle® deposits as an acceptable source of fund? Answer: Fannie & Freddie Say: This is a good question, especially as we watch payment systems evolve.  That said, this is a “no go” for use as available assets.  The [...]

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