Solar Panels

Fannie Mae Appraiser Newsletter Update

Written by: Lloyd Rutherford, Staff Writer Collateral is where a lot of loans blow up at the last minute, leaving the lender in the awkward position of having charged a borrower for an appraisal and not being able to do the loan. This is why loan originators must stay up to date on appraisal issues [...]

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Fannie – Freddie – FHA – VA – USDA: Do you have any guidance regarding how each of the agencies handles Solar Panels? NEW CHART-Solar Panel Guidelines-All Agencies

Answer:  We get a lot of questions on Solar Panel Guidelines, so with this issue we are releasing an All Agency Chart to help you answer those questions. Supporting Resource: Solar Panel Chart – All Agencies Social Media Post: Listing or Buying a Property with Solar Panels?  I’ve got the scoop on what the lenders [...]

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