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FHA – Water Test Requirements: Does FHA require a water test? I keep getting different feedback depending on the investor. [Mortgage Talking Point™ – Water Test Standards]

Answer: This is a tough one for me because I, too, heard about the back and forth between lenders after the 4000.1 was released and the pushback FHA received on this topic.  And I know that most investors won’t require a water test. If you call FHA (which I have several times), they’ll just put [...]

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FHA – Water Testing: Do all FHA loans require water testing?

Answer – Water Test: Per the guideline below, my opinion is that either a letter/test from the local health authority with jurisdiction as to the acceptability of the water, or a test and a letter from the testing entity proving that the water meets the EPA standards, would be required in order to satisfy the [...]

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