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The material presented in MortgageCurrentcy.com is based on recent letters, bulletins and announcements from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA and other agencies that affect residential housing. ONLY information that affects front-end personnel (loan processors, loan officers, brokers and underwriters) is addressed. It is not comprehensive, and does not cover the entire letter, Bulletin, or Announcement.

Mortgage Currentcy.com, LLC has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. We review agency guidelines and answer your questions based on the information we have at the time the question is answered. We do not address “mortgage rule overlays” imposed by third party lenders or MI companies and do not accept any responsibility or liability for content, completeness, legality, for the questions we answer for MortgageCurrentcy.com subscribers. MortgageCurrentcy.com is not engaged in the practice of law and does not provide legal services.

All Articles are Copyrighted
We would like to remind you that all articles are copyrighted. That’s how we stay in business and insure that the author’s work is protected. If you are a subscriber, you can print articles during your subscription period. However, copying, distributing, uploading or emailing articles is a no-no and violates copyright laws.

Use of Content
Charts, checklists, Mortgage Talking Points™ flyers, emails and content for blogs and forums are for the exclusive use of SUBSCRIBERS only. We do not allow non-subscribers to use the content. Subscribers to MortgageCurrentcy.com may redistribute and share website article content with employees within their company for sales meetings and such. However, subscribers may NOT share article content with any other outside mortgage or real estate company even if you have an affiliate business arrangement.

Sharing of User Names and Passwords
Subscriber User Names and Passwords are intended solely for the use of the subscriber and are not to be shared with other persons, including other employees of the same company. We offer group rates for subscriptions for employees of the same company.

Mortgage Talking Points Content
Subscribers have the exclusive right to use the content in the Mortgage Talking Points
 and can add their name and contact info to redistribute to their real estate agents, builders and referral partners. Non-subscribers (or third-party entities) are not allowed to add their name or contact info and redistribute Mortgage Talking Points content. Non-subscribers must purchase their own subscription (group rates available) in order to use the content mentioned above.

Ask the Experts Question Procedure
One of the huge benefits of being a subscriber, is your ability to “Ask the Experts” your most pressing questions. Subscriber questions need to be submitted THROUGH THE WEBSITE FORM ONLY and they will be answered by email. Once a subscriber submits their question using the website form, the question is automatically submitted to the person who specializes in that topic. Please be very specific when asking your question. No verbal questions (i.e. submitted by phone) will be answered.

Change of Content
Since the rules and regulations change so frequently, we reserve the right to change, eliminate or update content without prior notice to you. Links to third-party websites may also change and we assume no responsibility if they have been changed or updated.

Change of Email Address
If you change companies or email address, you can let us know by email or by making the change yourself via the website. If we can’t find you, we can’t deliver your subscription to you.

How Your Subscription Will be Renewed

Thanks for subscribing! Once you become a subscriber, your credit card will be charged without notice by MortgageCurrentcy.com. Your credit card will be automatically charged at the monthly, quarterly or annual rate, until you cancel your subscription with us online and only through the website. Email or telephone notifications will not be considered as a notice.

You must cancel your subscription online, via the website, as your email notice may be lost in E-Mail Never Never Land. You must cancel at least 24 hours BEFORE the renewal date. If you have not cancelled online, via the MortgageCurrentcy.com website, your subscription will not be refunded to you for any reason. Subscription fees are non-refundable and are not pro-rated.

Once you unsubscribe online, via the website, your subscription will not expire until the next renewal date. You will have access to the content until your expiration date.

Publisher’s Statement
MortgageCurrentcy.com makes every effort to publish credible and responsible articles and advertisements. Inclusion of an article or product does not mean that it has been endorsed by the publisher or staff.

Your Right to Privacy
MortgageCurrentcy.com may from time to time, provide subscriber information to advertisers. We do not provide subscriber information to any outside sources nor do we sell information from our database without the written consent from you. We do provide 3rd party links to outside websites and if you decide to link to these sites, we cannot guarantee your privacy.

Submission of Articles
Article submissions will become the property of
MortgageCurrentcy.com, however, you will still be given written, literary credit for your idea or article. We will make every effort to acknowledge sources of ideas but cannot trace every idea back to its origin and accept no liability for non-acknowledgement.

What happens if you don’t follow the rules?

  • Your subscription will be terminated and no refunds will be made
  • We will wipe out your user name and password
  • You will be barred from subscribing for your lifetime