Subscriber Testimonials

Another deal saved and my money well spent on my subscription! You all are amazing!
—Jill Taylor, Area Manager-MLO-Gateway Mortgage

Thanks for the wonderful updates, charts/checklists, etc. I’m a student of mortgages and your stuff is by far the best resources I’ve come across in 15 years in the biz.
—Joe Buxton, Nations Lending

I just subscribed today and Mortgage Currentcy already helped me save one deal.  I’m very glad I found you!
—Ryon Holland, Branch Manager – Canopy Mortgage

Just wanted to say, your Lunch & Learn presentations and content ROCKS!… As far as I’m concerned, I think Mortgage Currentcy is a loan officer’s underwriting secret weapon and I’m so thrilled to have you as my educational, and reference resource!
—Jose-Vladimir Lopez, Executive Mortgage Banker – William Raveis Mortgage, LLC

I really appreciate how thorough the answers are from the “Ask the Experts” feature. I love the content layout in Mortgage Currentcy because it makes finding information that I need, very easy.
—Geoff Rooker, PRMI

This subscription is by far the best value for my money!
Brenda Phillips, Caliber Home Loans

For anyone who is NOT subscribing to Mortgage Currentcy I highly recommend you do so. Not only is the site itself SO HELPFUL- Tammy Butler is a huge resource. The ask the experts function is priceless. Do yourself a favor and sign up.
—Anna Smith, Prime Lending

You guys seriously have changed the way we process loans. Super grateful for you guys!
Alex Levy, Loan Originator – Cross Country Mortgage

I was able to get a VA USDA loan approved that had previously denied thanks to your Ask The Experts feature. Without the information I received from the USDA Expert, that loan would have never closed under USDA.
—Melanie Thompson, Affiliate Mortgage Specialist- Home for Heroes

I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome over haul you have done with giving information and talking points i.e. social media posts, talking points the flyer etc.  I greatly appreciate all you are doing and look forward every time you do updates.  I love the Facebook interaction you do as well.  You are definitely giving us a lot of value.  So often we take for granted things in business and life in general so I wanted you to know you are appreciated!
—Lisa Ramsey, Mortgage Loan Officer

Extremely helpful and I sincerely appreciate the level of detail you have provided here!!
—Noah Fierro, Sales Manager, Loan Depot

The answer I received from “Ask The Experts” SAVED a DEAL for us! This is Awesome and You Guys Rock!!
—Ryan Brandenburger, Branch Manager, Cross Country Mortgage

You guys DO ROCK! I hope you know that!!! Incidentally, I had found that guideline, but I wanted to run it by a trusted third-party expert and you just confirmed my research.
With your input, I have supported evidence to state my case. THANK YOU!!!
Jose-Vladimir Lopez, Williams Raveis Mortgage, Connecticut

You guys at mortgage currency are the most knowledgeable people in the mortgage industry, I sing your praises every day. Tracey and Lloyd have saved so many loans for me I could not repay them for their help and their knowledge.
Mike Vetri, NLC Mortgage, Pennsylvania

WOW isn’t enough.. KUDOS isn’t enough… you guys are the BEST and you know it!… I’m so glad you are here to teach and educate loan officers. Thank you so very much for the very detailed and well-researched answer. I have taken the Tax Class you referred a few times now and I constantly referring back to it and to its printed material for help – The PDF attachments with comments are very helpful.
Jose-Vladimir Lopez, William Raveis Mortgage, Connecticut

Love the information you guys provide as well as the ability to get questions answered!
Joshua Dutton, Branch Manager, Broomfield, Colorado

I use in presentation to real estate offices, when I was teaching ML classes it wasa godsend to intersperse with the standard issue boilerplate. Invaluable to stay up on and ahead of the crowd.
Tom Frizzell, Castle & Cooke Mortgage, Surprise, Arizona

I do Mortgage Compliance and am considered an industry expert. I use Mortgage Currentcy as a resource. Every item I research is clear and concise. The website is easy to use. Notifications of changes are posted timely and are relative to our Industry. If you don’t use it you will lose it.
Sonja Wheeler, Treasure Island, Florida

My favorite is “Ask the Expert”, because it makes me one. I also like the prepared flyers for Realtors, because it made me look good with them too. But the best thing is, if you’re battling with an underwriter, you have documentation to prove you’re right.
Dave Means, SFRC, Billerica, New Hampshire

Mortgage Currentcy saves me regularly.
Rebecca Davidson, Envoy Mortgage, Denver, Colorado

I use Mortgage Currentcy as a resource, a training tool, messages for social media. There are too many ways to list and I probably don’t use it to its best potential. But I know it is always there!
Lori Saucier, CrossCountry Mortgage, Brecksville, Ohio

Mortgage Currentcy actually saved a deal for me last week! Easy read… saves valuable time! LOVE IT!
Carol DeFazio, Victorian Finance, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Who has time to read all those updates? Mortgage Currentcy saves me a ton of time and asking an expert when you can’t find just what you are looking for … is priceless!
Michelle Mason, Mechanics Bank, Oxford, Mississippi

I literally could not do my business without it! I am always up to date on rule changes, program changes and the charts are off the hook! I also like that you can post a question and you will get an answer back usually less than 24 hours. The information is simplified and provided in a manner that makes for easy reading. If you don’t have it you’re missing out!
Jayne Combs, AmeriFirst Financial, Walnut Creek, California

I got a deal because I read about an obscure Fannie Mae rule on Mortgage Currentcy then used that as my BNI commercial. Turns out there was a substitute present and he fit the exact scenario! Bingo! I’m seen as an expert. Love it.
Peggy Wilson, Huron Valley Financial, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I use it once a week to send out to my realtors for your rule changes and updates. I also love the questions and answers part which I send out to my sphere regularly. Mortgage currency has gotten me numerous deals from agents I never had because it shows you are an expert in the field!
Alex Taberne, Greentree Mortgage, Turnersville, New Jersey

Keeping up to date on ever-changing regulations has saved my butt (and made me look a hero to my clients and referral sources) more times than I can count. Fabulous resource.
Kate Matties, Atlas Mortgage Partners, Clarksville, Tennessee

Charts and checklists are truly an asset to our business!
Lisa Green, Allen Tate Mortgage, Charlotte, North Carolina

The information in MC is very carefully researched. You can take it to the bank! But the Facebook posts come in handy for those RARE moments when I’m speechless! The flyers are the best. MC is worth quadruple what you pay! (Karen….you didn’t see that!)
Cola Galvin, Union Home Mortgage, Virginia Beach, Virginia

I love the charts in Mortgage Currentcy. I really like that the summaries/notices are always followed by the regulation identity. I’m always on a firm footing when it comes to a “discussion” with the underwriter. It also saves me a lot of time on researching. Thank you Karen for such a great tool and for keeping the price affordable.
Joyce Boyer, 1st Capital Mortgage, Owasso, Oklahoma

Mortgage Currancy is an integral part of my business. We are all busy and having a service that boils down guideline changes across all types of loans is invaluable. Changes are summarized in layman’s language with links two details in the guidelines. Many times Flyers are created so all we have to do is copy and paste to share with our Network. I also use ask the expert which has saved more transactions then I can count. I highly recommend this affordable service if you are in real estate lending in any way shape or form.
Margot Hornblower, Success Mortgage Partners, Paw Paw, Michigan

This is the 2nd loan that Mortgage Currentcy saved for me in 2 weeks.
I love you guys!
Michael Vetri, NLC Mortgage, Media, PA

Amazing resource! Mortgage Currentcy provides excellent straight forward material to help navigate today’s mortgage maze.
Melissa Hoover, Highlands Residential Mortgage, Sterling, Virginia

We are writing to thank you for your past assistance in clarifying FHA & VA guidelines. We find everything offers to be invaluable. Hoping you have a successful year! Thank you again!
Morgen Spear & Jill Bosworth, Integrity 1st Mortgage, Escondido, CA

I saw this today about the new Fannie mortgage rule and thank you so much!! Just saved a deal for us today!!!
Elizabeth Smith, Eagle Home Mortgage, Keizer, OR

Thanks for the charts and checklist you create thru Mortgage Currentcy. You guys always make me look smart!
Linda Davidson, Service First Mortgage, Garland, TX

I love your video training classes and this is one of the MANY reasons why I love your service. You are the best!
David Odle, Santander Bank, Seekonk, MA

Thank you, very clear and concise answer to my mortgage question. This was my first time using the “ask the expert” feature, and I’ll certainly make use of it again when I cross a questionable situation.
Patrick Queally, Direct Finance Corp, Norwell, MA

Karen, I just wanted to chime in and say that subscribing to Mortgage Currentcy over the past few years has really helped me in my 12 year career, and I do always come in at the top 10% of my branch due to the knowledge I have acquired. Thank you once again.
Eli Dror, CrossCountry Mortgage, Ft Lauderdale, FL

I can’t say enough to everyone about Mortgage Currentcy. It has been my secret tool for years!
Alisa Glutz, Cherry Creek Mortgage, Scottsdale, AZ

You are the best! My brain didn’t even think of that solution to my underwriting question. Thank you!!!
Juli Sweeny, HomeStreet, Edmonds, WA

I have enjoyed my subscription, and have learned much over the years. I was able to close several loans by providing the underwriters with the current guidelines you provided, which more than paid for the service.
—Ron Kagan, Bank of Manhattan, Palmdale, CA

Thank you very much. This really helps. I love Mortgage Currency. They are a tremendous help in today’s mortgage world! Cathy —Heckman, Mortgage Contract Services, Berthoud, CO

Keep the info coming….terrific service…..I usually watch for your guideline changes over my own companies bulletins. Don —Parsons, CMP, Newport Beach, CA

Anyone in our industry that does not take advantage of all the wonderful marketing tools you offer is losing business! We used “How the Mortgage Acts & Practices” Rules Affect Real Estate Agents & Builders, last week (again lol) while sponsoring our local Realtor Association’s RESPA Class. The Realtors are always amazed at what they can’t say or advertise. And of course we in the mortgage industry know all too well that ignorance of the law will not stop the CFPB or HUD from charging anyone nor should they.

Our favorite through the years that has actually earned us more business than any other informational flyer available to us is, You Are Entitled To A Second Opinion Even if You Have Already Been Pre-Approved For Your Mortgage!

You can’t go wrong with this type of ready made compliant marketing available! Just wanted to send a quick note to Say THANK YOU!
—Lori Mahaffey, Movement Mortgage, TN

I love what you do for us in the field. “Ask the Expert” has saved my rear end several times! Keep up the great work, we need you!
—Kristine Koehn, Texas Mortgage Bank

I really cannot begin to tell Karen and you how much I love your site. I’m letting as many people as possible know about it.
—Donna Beinfeld, Palm Springs, CA

Yours is the only service I subscribe like this because I have immense respect for your experience and valuable information. Thanks!
—Sheryl Laskie, Fort Collins, CO

When I told myself I can’t control Fannie Mae I went looking for something to learn, which is my mood picker upper! And lo and behold, my Mortgage Currentcy was there, so I spent some time with your excellent videos and now I am ready to take on 2014. Knowledge is power!
—Ruth Linn, Louisville, KY

I just want you to know how much you have influenced my career. I have been in the industry since 1989. Your blogs and sites have helped me self-educate and keep up with industry trends. In turn, this has helped me maintain a job even during the bad times. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep following.
—Tina Harrison, Atlanta, GA

I could go on and on saying positive things about the class, FHA Questions – 8 Answers You Won’t Find in Handbooks. I have attended many during my 30+ years in the industry and it was by far the best. The class was quick, precise and extremely informational.
—Karen Werner, Mesa, AZ

Thank you so very much Lloyd (Mortgage Currentcy expert). I think you answered my question above and beyond. Thank you so very much! And thank you Mortgage Currentcy for being such a great resource, because getting a mortgage loan closed IS rocket science!
—Jose-Vladimir Lopez, Plymouth Meeting, PA

I enjoyed the class and learned a few new things about credit reports and scoring!
—Scott Jongsma, Grandville, MI

Thank you for providing this class, Common Mistakes to Look for When Reviewing Your Client’s Credit Report. I have been a real estate agent for many years and actually had a mortgage license too for a few years. I found this information extremely helpful.
—Elsie Smoluk, Charlotte, NC

I got a lot from the class! Thanks for offering it to us. (Common Mistakes to Look for When Reviewing Your Client’s Credit Report)
—Marina Arriaga, California

Karen, you and Jim Hogle put on a valuable class today (Common Mistakes to Look for When Reviewing Your Client’s Credit Report).
—George McGuire, Hamilton, OH

Thanks for the awesome credit class! (Common Mistakes to Look for When Reviewing Your Client’s Credit Report)
—Carey Valentine, Bountiful, UT

I attended this afternoon’s webinar, Common Mistakes to Look for When Reviewing Your Client’s Credit Report, with featured speaker Jim Hogle. It was a very informative program. I learned some things today!
—Larry LoVetere, Naperville, IL

Mortgage Currency has been a good investment in my business. I appreciate your service!
—Christine Merker-Wilson, St. Louis, MO

I’m very excited about Mortgage Currentcy. I just had my assistant send out a Mortgage Talking Points™. We have decided to mail them every month for one year. And your Question and Answer section on your website (Ask the Experts) just saved me a deal!
—Ken, Strathie, Portsmouth, NH

I just watched the VA Sales Concessions – Deal Saving Secrets Video and it kicked butt!!! My book of business is about 25% VA (Live in San Diego) and this was incredibly well done. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank You!
—Dan Williams, San Diego, California

Thank you very, very much. Your quick response is why I am willing to pay of my subscription.
—David Odle, Seekonk, Massachusetts

Awesome class, Karen! [Base on Non-Owner Occupied Loans: Comparing Fannie to Freddie class] It was concise, easy to follow, and a great refresher. The checklist provided after is perfect. The handout was formatted making the fine print on the slides hard to read, but that was the only difficulty I had. Definitely worth the time! Thank you for all you do to support those of us in the industry.
—Bria Johnston, Eagle River, Alaska

Karen, I thought that the class [Non-Owner Occupied Loans: Comparing Fannie to Freddie] was great and the online material excellent.
—Vicki Reser, Vice President, MLO, Missouri

Thank you both for your help. I was able to finally get my loan approved at the stated value from customer, rather than the value from DU. It truly saved the deal.
—Tara Rees, Mortgage Loan Specialist, Utah

Thank you for your response (Underwriting question submitted through the Ask the Experts Help Desk). You guys are a great resource!
—Eric Becerra, Branch manager, California

Karen, I am glad that I signed up for Mortgage Currency. It’s made me more knowledgeable and I have been able to be the expert in my field. Get a loan approved in this market is rocket science! Thanks again!
—Kevin Newton, Mortgage Consultant, Maryland

The webinar was very informative (Fannie Overhauls Income/Employment Guidelines).
—Peter Ogilvie, First Residential Mortgage Corp.

The class (Fannie Overhauls Income/Employment Guidelines) was great, good content and the presenter made it easy to understand.
—Rose Simpkin, Loan Originator, Arizona

Even when it’s in “Loan Officer Language” in today’s world, it still does not make sense sometimes. The class (Fannie Overhauls Income/Employment Guidelines) was great and very much appreciated.
—Leisa Goad, San Diego Financial Solutions

I thought the class (Fannie Overhauls Income/Employment Guidelines) was very organized and informative. It should be a REQUIREMENT that loan officers do these types of classes!
—Kristen Moffitt, Impac Mortgage

I though it (How Single Premium MI Can Help You Close More Loans class) was great. I just took a loan app for a refi with MI yesterday and this saved them $154 a month. Wow!
—Nancy Thiel, Trans World Financial

Nice refresher, it (How Single Premium MI Can Help You Close More Loans class) was very straight forward and on target. Like you I have always used this in a situation when it worked for the buyer as NO other LO will likely show this option to the borrower.
—George St. Pierre, Fidelity Funding Mortgage Corp.

Enjoyed the class – How Single Premium MI Can Help You Close More Loans. Getting back in the business after a 3yr. break, so looking to learn and decide on best approach getting back in.
—Dennis Tenery, Resource One Mortgage

I really enjoyed this class, How Single Premium MI Can Help You Close More Loans. I have been asking the borrower to bring a check to closing for the amount of the PMI on a conventional loan. I didn’t realize the borrower can finance this amount into the loan! Wonderful to know. Thank you for the class – I truly found it helpful.
—Lisa Poole, Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for having such a user friendly site that is designed to keep people like me informed, for my staff and clients. I have only been in line of work 9 years and still perfecting my graft, and this is a site I check daily. Also, the recently added videos are a great tool. Keep up the great job!
—Mike Bertrand, Louisiana Mortgage Associates

It rocked! (Fannie Overhauls Income/Employment Guidelines class) By the way, I usually bring your name up when I’m teaching the CE Classes for MLO’s. I tell them about your mortgage currentcy site.
—Jayne Combs, FirstCal Mortgage

I really liked this class – Fannie Overhauls Income/Employment Guidelines. I am happy there is a resource to decipher everything that is being thrown at us these days. There are just too many changes right now. To stay on top of them all is difficult in a small institution.
—Susan Adams, The First National Bank of Suffield

I think the class, Fannie Overhauls Income/Employment Guidelines, was excellent. Thanks so much for the information.
—Carol Donato, Brainerd Savings & Loan

Great info, so excited about some of it…. some, not so much but that is life. Love your last line, closing loans now IS rocket science! LOL you crack me up! Thanks for a great and informative class, Fannie Overhauls Income/Employment Guidelines.
—Kat Manford, Pinnacle Mortgage

Ms. Deis, I thought your class, Reg Z Truth-in-Lending Advertising Rules, was very informative, I’ve been hearing about Reg Z for years, but you actually mentioned some items I was not aware of. I look forward to following your classes in the future.
—Liz Ballow, Omni Home Financing

Loved your mortgage training class. Short & Concise and to the point. An A – B – C tutorial. We need more of these. I sat on a HUD call for 2 hours before yours…what a difference.
—Sara Dell, Community & Southern Bank

Always find lots of value in your classes.
—Sally Hepworth, Apple Mortgage

Karen, I just signed up today for a quarterly account. I am blown away by the amount of “current” knowledge and information on your website. I don’t know how you manage all the information, but I look forward to learnng more by using your site and resources. Thank you.
—Fred Marquez, Fairway Independent Mortgage

I appreciate the fha mip historical chart!!
—Tammy Engel, Mortgage Advisor

Karen, I just love the question and answers you put in articles…EXCELLENT RESOURCE!
—Beth Miller, President, Platinum Mortgage

I found this interesting article in the industry magazine The Niche Report. I would encourage you to consider investing in a subscription [to]. As you can see by the article, Karen has her finger on the pulse of our ever changing industry.
—Steve Rockefeller, Vice President, SunTrust Mortgage Inc

I watched the How to Read Tax Returns Video last week and found much use of your cheat sheet! Thank you!
—Russ Schlehuber, Prospect Home Financing

Thanks for providing it (monthly mortgage rule update videos). I thought it was great! Keep more like them coming. You’re website is the best source for keeping this industry up to date.
—Kris Scrowther, Cache Valley Bank

Thanks Karen! I did the trial subscription then realized I couldn’t get to it so I upgraded last night to a full one. That site it AWESOME! I am using some things from there to take with me Thursday when I speak. I wish I had subscribed a long time ago! You are the ROCKSTAR!
—Jelene Prichard, First Community Bank

Thanks Karen. I appreciate it. I must say, of all the things that I subscribe to in my business. Your group of goodies are the most helpful.
—Margot Hornblower, Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group

I just wanted to let you know that you guys are the reason I was able to stay in the mortgage business.
—Denese Weems

Why I subscribed to Mortgage Currentcy? Cost and insider deals aside, Allregs is a mediocre product at best. It’s a bear to sift through and I always wonder what I missed. You go, Karen!
—Shana Wroten-Tucker, Benchmark Mortgage

Thank you David, This was the first time I have submitted a question, and I am grateful for your detailed answer. With your answer and learning that it was up to the underwriters opinion I was able to get this pushed through with an additional comment from the appraiser. Thank you again.
—Brian Brown, AmeriCorp Mortgage

Karen – I appreciate Brent answering my question about the loan that was denied. We won!! Appreciate your support, I would have been mortified to tell my Realtor the buyer was declined for something beyond their control. Keep up the good work!
—Tammy Engel, Mortgage Advisor

Karen, thank you for the amazing content you continue to put out in Mortgage Currentcy. I wanted to share one response. This has really struck a cord and for most people – this program was news to them. You are on the cutting edge with your content Karen – thank you again for all you do to keep us up to date!!!!
—Rebekah Radice

    • The testimonial above, from Rebekah Radice, stemmed from an ActiveRain article she posted, with content she obtained from her subscription Rebekah received several comments from her followers, including this one.

I have seen a lot of WOW’s in response but I have to WOW myself. I have been doing FHA loans for 20 years and I consider myself an expert and I never knew about this. Can you send me information about it? I am going to start researching right now and spread the word to my Realtor partners. THANKS for the info.

Karen, I just received a call from one of the Realtors I work with on-and-off. She said she has been using the MTPs for her sales meetings and also sent me 2 customers. WOW.
—Ron Kagan, Right Start Mortgage

You all continue to be nothing short of a godsend – thank you for all you do – I really love this tool and it has saved me deals and made me money!!
—Caleb LeGrand, Benchmark Mortgage

Regulatory compliance and a solid knowledge-base of complex and ever-evolving federal requirements are essential. Mortgage Currency has helped us build on our strengths every step of the way.

All mortgage professionals need help navigating the new mortgage world when it comes to compliance. Mortgage Currency has the experience to guide you through numerous regulatory changes.

Mortgage Currency focuses on mortgage lending and prides itself in providing quality compliance guidance services in all phases of the lending process.
—Mark Rohrbaugh, CMB, Apple Federal Credit Union

Hi Karen, I think I have told you this before, but this is the one bill I don’t mind paying. I really appreciate I like the way it is written, the numerous check lists to help with compliance and I especially look forward to the Q&A’s. It is most informative in this “time of change” and uncertainty in the mortgage industry. With regulators running wild trying to see who they can fine for not interrupting their thousands of pages of rules correctly, we need all the help we can get! Thanks again!
—Rex Boyer, Loan Originator, Kokomo, IN

Wjat a great synopsis on USDA! You are in the wrong profession – you should be traveling to various mortgage companies assisting them with the USDA program.
—Anne Fitzgerald, First Continental Mortgage, Houston, TX

Hello Karen they always say ask the expert and from previewing all your sites YOU are that expert! I am restarting my business from a lead provided LO to now starting to market myself campaign. I am getting a business facebook page started which your sites have solved my posting issues….Thank You! I am becoming a subscriber to Mortgage Currentcy and…both will help build my business.
—Michele Sims, Branch Manager, Shore Mortgage

Thank you, Karen – the links are great! I printed them out and handed a copy to the 22 realtors present at my Roundtable Forum yesterday. They were thrilled – and impressed! I’ve been doing this Rountable Forum for my realtor associates since March. They’ve come to appreciate the sharing and learning, as well as the quality presentations I’ve been able to set up each month. Yesterday we had a real estate attorney who volunteered her time and answered so many questions – it was sooo cooool! Then we had a Memory Trainer – who helped us remember all the stuff we got from the Attorney! Excellent! This has developed into a group of women (realtors, mortgage, title) who really look forward to meeting each month in a social learning community. It’s been a trip! I can’t wear the Stilettos anymore, but I guess I can still walk-the-walk. Thanks for all your help and guidance, Karen!
—Francine Freitag, Loan Originator, BNC National Bank

I read your article in The Niche Report and discussed it at our office meeting today. Just wanting you to know that I have always paid attention to your messaging and appreciate your contribution to our industry.
All the best,
Cindy Ertman, President, Platinum Capital

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciate Mortgage Currency. I have only been a subscriber for a few months, but am really hooked. You have an excellent way of making complicated regulations understandable in an ever changing environment. I love your tone in which you comment from time to time. It expresses how we all feel out here while we are constantly trying to follow the rules…
—Rex A. Boyer, Lundin Mortgage

Oh by the way, I cannot tell you how much Mortgage Currency has helped me. Even though I am a 13 + year veteran, with all the rule changes and changes in the industry, you have helped me solve problems and get answers quickly. Keep up the good work.
—Phil Goldberg, Virginia Commerce Bank

Thanks so much, not only for your “in depth” response, but also for your suggestions in how to approach the file. Mortgage Currentcy has become an important part of our day to day operations and we value all that you and your staff provide.
—Steve Reed, Owner/Meridian Home Loans

Thank you for being so dedicated to your column in I think it has become a must-read for many folks.
—Robert Pegg, Co-Founder & President, TheNicheReport

Wow, I am so impressed with your quick response to my questions. I am a FAN.
—Carol Lorence, Mortgage Advisor

Thank you so much for helping me. I am glad I can count on all of you for the much support needed in today’s world.
—Maria Medeiros, Loan Originator, Castle Mortgage

I have been subscribing to you for quite a while. I enjoy itvery much and they have increased my business by 10%. Love it!
—Eli Dror, Loan Originator, LSI Mortgage

I was just looking around on the site last night and I stumbled upon the charts as they are just great cheat sheets for my newbie loan officers! Thaks for putting these together for subscribers.
—Denise Panza

I am already using and loving Mortgage Currentcy. I have been taking the Federal practice exam that all originators have to take and MUST pass by June 30. I have been able to find some of the answers to the questions on the test through it. It’s great!

Thank you for the time and effort you put in to help make me more successful in my profession. It’s a tough time to be an originator and tools such as Mortgage Currentcy help make it a lot easier for me to be “in the know” and the “go to” person for realtors to refer their clients to.

Thanks again and have an amazing day!
—Jennifer Blankenship

Thank you for your detailed explanation. Makes everything extremely clear.
—Phil Goldberg, Virginia Commerce Bank

To everyone, You guys ROCK! Thank you so much. I’ve been telling others that they should get a subscription.
—Claudia Lynne GuLit

AllRegs® really is a drag, since I always have question ever after I’ve read it. With your publication, I get a better handle on the rules and how they affect my deals.
—Cynthia D.

Keeping up with all the rule changes is a full time job. It’s great to have someone to doing it for me.
—Christopher D.

I’ve been a subscriber for a while and their “take” on the new regs are a “breath of fresh air”. I share with my Realtor partners on a regular basis.
—Tammy Engel

You guys are awesome and worth every cent of my subscription!! Thank you!
—Leslie Lovett

Thank you so much. I love you guys!

You know, I found that in the guidelines on-line but your interpretation helped to verify what I was trying to do and now I can confidently tell the borrower how to qualify for a purchase.
—Graham Pruitt, Loan Officer, Acacia Federal Savings Banks

Your Ask The Experts service is awesome…it makes me look “smart” to my clients and agents.
—Tim Storm, Niche Lending

Your article from Mortgagecurrentcy in regards to condos was such a hit that I was written up in the local Real Estate paper.
—Jessica Peterson, Lending

I want you to know that I get the most out of your publication than any of the others that I get. Your work helps me look like I really know what is going on to my Realtors!!!
—Bobbi Miller, Stratis Financial

I have at one time or another subscribed to ALL of the paid originator sites, Mortgage Currentcy has been the most effective and helpful resources I have found in my 15 years in the business. Regardless of our cost cutting measures, MortgageCurrentcy is one subscription that I cannot afford to be without.
—Mike Mandis, Alliance Mortgage Funding, Inc.

You saved the day on one of our files. I am sure that I will be back in touch with you from time to time when the need arises. Just to make sure, I just renewed for a full year of Mortgage Currentcy! Thanks again!
—Richard Williams, Branch Manager, FBC Mortgage, LLC

I just joined your site and really enjoy the informative information. I rely on it to share with my group. Thanks again.
—Jim Brown, Sr. Underwriter/Team Lead, Key Bank

I purchased your VA IRRRL workbook and I can definitely say it was money well spent, you did a fantastic job with it.
—John Gullickson, Envision Lending Group

Anytime, I want answers about a loan program, I know I can count on you! My clients have been coming to me with USDA approvals and I feel a lot of buyers in my area will do better with this type of loan. I have found that their website is not user friendly (at least for me).
—Lorinda Ward, Loan Originator

Thanks so much for your quick answer—I have just acquired a new loan, thanks to you guys!!!
—Linda Coleman, Grandmark Mortgage

Your informative service is one of the best things I spend my money on. Thanks for doing such a GREAT job.
—Bobbi Miller, Stratis Financial

I really appreciate you guys, you are a tremendous help to us “small” specialty operations.
—Debra Patty, Fram Credit Services, Russellville, AR

Thanks Tracey, and I was able to let my clients and real estate agents know what’s going on–you guys and gals are doing a terrific job over there. Thanks for all your hard work. Cordially,
—John Gullickson, Mortgage Consultant, Envision Lending Group, Inc.

As a subscriber to, I am able to access the most up-to-date information with just a click of the mouse. Believe me when I tell you that I have come to rely on this site for lots of research (since no loan is easy any longer). Your most recent Q&A issue had to do with parent’s cosigning on a loan. This information, though seemingly obscure, in fact was very timely and worth printing! I just had such a transaction and I was very happy that I double checked your site…there was my answer! It saved my loan and my commission! My subscription has paid for itself many times over. Keep up the great work!
—Kim Payne, Loan Originator, California

Thanks for answering my question and the back up documents you sent to me. I was already a happy subscriber and now I’m just happier!!
—Steve Reed, Meridian Home Loans

Tracey – Just wanted to say Thank you sooo much. When I got the Townhome Covenants the shared party wall was covered in the Covenants. My underwriter cleared the condition and my closing is back on. Thanks again for your help.
—Darly Helm, Loan Originator, The First Bank

Subscribing to mortgage currenty is definitely one of the best ways I spend my money.
—Bobbi Miller, Loan Originator, Stratis Financial

Thanks for answering my questions and the quick response…this site is awesome!
—Dean Wolfe, President, Integrity Mortgage Group

Thank you. I love your site and congratulate you on such an informative publication. My underwriters are even taking subscriptions. Thanks for all you do in this quickly changing time. Have a wonderful New Year!
—Tomi Beck, Branch Manager, First State Mortgage

Thanks for the response on the 203kquestion…your FHA handbook is a Godsend. Thanks!
—Caleb LeGrand, Evergreen Mortgage, Greenville, SC

I just recently signed up with Thanks to you guys, I found what I was looking for and learned how to help this lady get another FHA loan. I am so glad I found you.
—Linda Coleman, Grandmark Mortgage, Houston, TX

One of the biggest reasons that I hesitated to subscribe was because I thought a monthly publication was not quite frequent enough in the current environment with changes coming so quickly and being so time sensitive.

Also, I love the ability to search within the site on keywords and like being able to quickly review the answers to questions from others.
—Devon Segal, Apex Home Loans, Bethesda, MD

We are a mortgage broker that is interested in originating FHA Secured loans. Thanks for your help and your article in the Niche Report. It helped to clear up some questions we had.
—Sincerely, American Mortgage Lenders Inc., Santa Maria, CA

Thank you for your help… That answer alone paid for the dues in my mind.
—Corey Reid, MetLife Home Loans

Thank you so much for this information! It has helped me put together a refinance for a client that will save him more than $500 per month on his current mortgage payments! You made my day! All the best,
—Lisa Moriello, United Mortgage Finance Group

Read your article in Broker mag! Nice work – congrats!
—Kevin Sandridge, Signature Home Funding

Dear Friends,

I know that you are as confused as we all are. I can not figure out from one week to the next what rule book we are using. I was trying to get information from as many sources as possible, then trying to understand what it meant and did it apply to me.

I was most fortunate to meet this really smart and very helpful woman that has an updating service for keeping us as current as possible on Government; as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac( or whatever they are after today). She sends out a monthly newsletter and does a lot of Q and A. Which is very difficult to get anybody on the phone or email that can give you a straight answer. I purchased her FHA book and we call it the bible because it covers everything and I can never find what I am looking for in Allregs. If I do I do not understand it. It has been the best $197 I ever spent.

I have talked with several of my mortgage friends and we are all grasping for the Fountain of Knowledge. This is as close as you can get. I am attaching the home page of her web site.

I hope this helps you as much as it has me.

—Vicki Williams, President, Anchor Mortgage Services, Montgomery, AL

P.S. She did not pay me to say this; I just knew how much it had helped our office to be able to get straight answers quickly.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the information you provide on your website. Your articles are amazing and I read every one them word by word. At the times,When everybody has confusing interpretations of the new guidelines, you make them seem so simple and easy to understand. Great Job. ~
—Ed Eissa, National Mortgage Associates

I subscribed! (and worth every penny!) Thanks!~
—Dan Tenchall, Great Lakes Mortgage Funding

I received the FHA Lending, Originating Processing and Underwriting manual. Thank you so much, as it appears it will become my best-friend! ~
—Janice Higginbotham, Bank Independent

Thank you! I love your website… I used all your material yesterday in a presentation. This is a great idea. I hope you have much success with it. You deserve it. ~
—Cynthia Garza, Flagstar Bank

Your Mortgage Currentcy is a very helpful tool and I really appreciate the hard work you put into it. One of the things I particularly enjoy is the thoroughness by which you approach things. I am a former accountant and am big on knowing the rules so as to know how to best play by them, and your expertise really shows through in your work. Keep up the good work; it is really nice to have an information source such as yourself! ~
—Caleb LeGrand, Evergreen Mortgage & Financial

I wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful information on MC. When I heard about the $7500 tax credit (interest-free loan), I informed my best friend of it. She and her husband are set to close on their first home Sept. 26, and no one had told them about it. Wouldn’t you their realtor and loan officer would be telling all of their potential buyers/clients in the pipeline about it? ~
—Mary Catherine Smith

I saved a deal my competitor turned down. Now that agent thinks I’m a miracle worker! ~
—David Reed, CD REED Mortgage Bankers

I was actually gonna write to you without being prompted. I am so impressed. Really. I think you provide exceptional value. I really liked the talking points I can mail to Realtors. Thank you. ~
—Kelly Stapley, Mortgage Contracting, Salt Lake City, UT

Love your newsletter and website! I signed up for a 2 year membership (worth every penny!) Keep up the great work; you are providing a great service in a time when rumors and misinformation is rampant. Having the right information is key; especially in these crazy times.
—Nadia Assaf, Fortes Financial, Honolulu, HI

I have to let you know that you explaining the Fannie & Freddie guidelines regarding the deprecation portion of the mileage deduction being allowed as part of the depreciation addback–that was actually a deal saver for me. ~
—Caleb LeGrand, Evergreen Mortgage, Simpsonville, SC

She was willing to work her presentation around our needs as a bank and spoke directly to our most pressing issues. She was very personable and cared about our questions and needs even beyond her presentation. ~
—Janet Gnam, Thunder Bank, Kansas

As the owner of a large mortgage company, I relied on The Mortgage Currentcy for years as most reliable source for compliance issues and agency guidelines. I have subscribed to every resource available in the industry on such content and found The Mortgage Currentcy to be the best. I use the arrival of each issue as the time in my calendar to assess compliance and guideline concerns in my company. Additionally, my service staff enjoys reading it and it has served as an invaluable training tool. Nothing else in the market compares!
—Kelly L. McGuinness, United Mortgage Finance Group, Inc.

…I knew you were a class act simply from the articles you’ve written and the presentations I’ve attended. Authenticity shows through in places you least expect it.
—David Bush, My Mortgage Community

Just a note to say thanks for all you do. I read Mortgage Currentcy religiously – it is the BEST source for keeping up to date! Your contribution to our industry is enormous.
—Mats Kinnison, CTX Mortgage

I really like your newsletter and find it very helpful and written in plain English.
—Jeannie Hammon, Inland Empire Bank

Thank you for the informative update on FHA guidelines. It’s great to learn from someone who knows the guidelines and knows what they are talking about!
—Ginger Peel, Countrywide

Thank you. It really helped me to understand VA much better. I think you are an excellent teacher!
—Renee Watson, Norwest Mortgage

I wish I could think of some really clever, profound thing to say or way to express my thoughts and feelings, but ALAS, I can’t. Suffice it to say “You are the best”. OUTSTANDING. Super. Head and shoulders above the crown. In the common jargon of the teens of today, “awesome, DUDE!”. Now, I know you’re still human, barely. But your output is in its own class.
—Diana Eash, Salt Lake Mortgage

I am a member of MortgageCurrentcy and appreciate the knowledge/insight you provide.
—Tim Prindle, MGM Funding

The processing and underwriting article and Jeff Lazerson’s article are the two I look forward to the most in MOM magazine. Although the rest are good, yours and Jeff’s articles offer things which further enhance the service I provide to clients and make me more knowledgeable – but in my clients eyes I am really seen as a trusted advisor.
—Michael Brunelli

Your knowledge is enviable and your presentation excellent.
—Callean Laird

I feel so much more confident thanks to you. You do such an incredible job. On the personal side of this business – it is people like you whom I have taken for granted through years that have made this business such an extraordinarily wonderful business to be in. You have made my life so much richer and I am grateful today for that.
—Marc Johnson

I too have been in the mortgage industry for over 30 years. I must say I really enjoyed your article on FHA originations. I just came from a seminar hosted by Fannie Mae and they encouraged everyone to utilize FHA, when the loan amount works.

The severe underwriting restrictions on their “Mini Jumbos” (over 417K – 729K ) and their new FICO adjustments lead me to believe they really don’t have a great appetite.

I too believe there is a lot of business out there that FHA can swallow and I truly believe their way to go.

Again, it was a great article…
—Frank M. Howard, President/CEO

As a broker who’s trying to do it right I applaud your article. This time around I’m faced with inexperienced LO’s but more importantly lenders that have no idea what they are doing. I had a rep in my office that said, “we have special permission from HUD to take loan from non HUD approved lenders.” Unfortunately for the rep that was the line fed her at her corporate office. I just stood there and laughed.

Keep fighting the battle. Thanks ~
Mike Soldati, Fairfield, CA

I just memorized the newsletter and let me tell you girl friends if you are not a subscriber to Mortgage Currency you are going to be in for a long year or two!!! ~
Denise Phillipi, Peoples Bank, KS

I love your book. It is so helpful. I do not know how I lived without it. ~
Lori Harris

I read your article in Broker Universe. I love the way you explain everything in laymen’s terms so all can understand. ~
Audrey Acquisti, CRMS, MSource Finanical & 2008 Michigan Mortgage Brokers President.

I love your newsletter. ~
Lonnie Hansen, RMIC Underwriter

I think the service that you are providing is invaluable considering current market conditions and the ever-changing landscape in which we are operating. Keep up the good work! ~
Kurt Endres, IndyMac Bank

Just read your newsletter and you seem to be right on content that is pertinent to today’s market. ~
Bob Sullivan



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